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Security Cameras

You can go to costco and pick up a basic camera system for under $200, but how well does it really work? In the event of a disaster, will anything show up on your tape? How long does it really record? We only offer real time solutions, meaning that when you playback your video, it will all be in fluid motion. Our systems can be basic consisting of only fixed cameras, and be very complex, using PTZ cameras that run on fiber.

For those who need extra security, here is what we offer:

Virtual walkthrough - At the clients request, we can show you a layout of your building with the placement of our cameras. We can then show a rendering of what each camera will see, giving you a very accurate assumption of what to expect from our system.

Facial recognition - This can be used for two solutions: those who want to use it as an entry system, or those who need very high security. The way this works is the camera literally puts a name to each face it captures, even differentiating between identical twins just by their face. Rather than having a key, pass code, or biometric entry, the camera will recognize the person approaching the door it is mounted to and allow access if he or she is the right person. This same concept can work in a high security area. For example, given the same scenario, let us imagine someone approaches who is banned from the premises. The facial recognition system will analyze the person and give a “red alert” that he or she is on the property. The program can also be hooked up to an alarm system that will alert the proper authorities of a possible breach. This will prevent a disaster before it happens.

License plate cameras - These are specifically designed to read the license plate of a car going up to 50mph. Most cameras cannot read the plates as there is a glare from the headlights of the car. We offer special cameras that are designed to withstand that glare and pick up an accurate reading.

Hidden camera - Most of the time cameras act as a deterrent to prevent theft or vandalism. When all else fails, and repeated crimes are committed, one is left with no choice but to find the culprit. We professionally analyze the area that needs to be monitored and strategically place our hidden cameras to capture the culprit.

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Security is a major concern for businesses. The lack of security, is an even bigger concern. Let our trained professionals help you.

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